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  • Welcome to the Madera County GIS Public Portal.

    To use our GIS Public Portal you will need to click the link below and enter your address in the space provided to view the jurisdictions assigned to your address for voting purposes.


    Click here to use our GIS Public Portal



    This portal allows you to view your voting precinct and view the various layers of jurisdictional boundaries on record, which determine what contests and offices you are eligible to vote on.

    Data on this portal is reflective of 2020 Census data and redistricting for June 2022 only.

    Lines have been updated for the following:
    Supervisorial Districts
    Congressional Districts
    Senate Districts
    Assembly Districts
    Board of Equalization Districts

    Still in progress for the November, 2022 General Election are the following:
    School Districts
    Special Districts

    For more information, contact the Elections Division at 800-435-0509.