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  • Remote Accessible Vote by Mail System (RAVBM)

    Our Remote Accessible Vote by Mail System is available to ALL voters which includes, Military and Overseas Voters, as well as Voters who are not able to privately and independently vote using a paper ballot.


    RAVBM is not internet voting because the hard copy (the print out) of the voter’s selections is returned by either by mail, at a drop box, or to a vote center. The ballot is not returned electronically.


    The RAVBM system is fully accessible and works with the document reader software on your computer to assist you in marking your ballot.


    A printer is required to use this system.


    KEEP the blue identification return envelope from your Vote by Mail packet.  You will need to place your printed selections into this envelope in order to return your ballot.

    All California voters are able to request a RAVBM ballot for the upcoming Election.

    If you would like to vote using this method to mark and print your ballot, you can do so in the following ways:

    1.  Complete the postcard located in your Vote by Mail ballot packet and mail it in (no postage required).

    2.  If you would like to apply using our online form, click the link below to apply and mail it in.

    English Language – RAVBM Request for Translated Materials in Español or Punjabi

    Spanish Language – RAVBM Request for Translated Materials in Inglés

    3.  If you would like to apply by phone, call (800) 435-0509 toll free and video relay service accessible.

    4.  If you would like to apply by email, email your request to: [email protected]

    5.  If you would like to apply online, click here to apply using the MyVoterStatus page.

    After your request is received, you will be sent an email link to access your ballot.

    The link will provide instructions for returning your ballot.

    If you have lost or discarded your blue identification return envelope, contact the Elections Division for a replacement before you return your ballot.  However, if you would prefer to use your own envelope, you may do so, as long as the envelope is signed by the voter.

    Ballots returned, that are not sealed in the blue identification envelope, cannot be counted.


    Click here for Frequently Asked Questions About RAVBM

    To view your custom and accessible Voter Guide, click here