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  • Services for Disabled Voters

    Services for Voters with Disabilities

    The Elections Division provides a number of services to voters with disabilities including:

    • State propositions and local measures (including arguments and analyses) on tape, for the vision impaired


    • Information on Polling Place Accessibility. Each polling place is surveyed to determine accessibility. Whether or not your polling place is accessible is indicated on the back cover of your sample ballot by either the word “Yes” or the word “No”. If your polling place is not accessible, you may contact the Elections Division for information on curbside voting or Vote By Mail voting.


    • Written instructions (posted) and magnifier (available from table) for the vision impaired.


    • Assistance marking your Official Ballot: You may have up to two people of your choice assist you; however, you may not be assisted by your employer, union representative nor an agent of your employer or union representative.


    • Curbside Voting: If your polling place is not accessible you may vote in any area as close to the polling place as possible. Someone must alert the Precinct Officers for you, and they will bring the voting materials to you.


    • Permanent Vote By Mail Status: Any voter may now apply for Permanent Vote By Mail status. This status provides that for each election in which you are entitled to vote, you will be sent a ballot automatically. However, failure to vote in any statewide direct primary or general election will revoke your status and you will need to reapply. For more information, see Permanent Vote By Mail Information.


    Supplemental Voting System

    The Elections Division, and every polling place within Madera County, has voting equipment provided for voters with Disabilities and voters with limited proficiency in English.


    This voting equipment allows voters to vote privately and independently.

    How to Vote Using the eSlate

    Using the new eSlate™ electronic voting equipment is easy! To see how it’s done, click on the links below.

    Click here for instructions (pdf file).

    Click here to view the eSlate video



    Disability Rights California will operate a statewide Election Day Hotline from 7am to 8pm on Election Day November 8, 2016.
    Call  1-888-569-7955.