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  • On Election Day, no voter wishing to vote at the polls will be turned away.


    Reasons for Provisional Voting

    There are several reasons why a voter will be required to vote a Provisional Ballot.  Some examples are listed below:

    • Voter has been issued a Vote by Mail Ballot and is unable to surrender it.
    • Voter is not found on any index.
    • Voter has moved; residence address provided to precinct officers does not match index.
    • Voter claims to be registered with a different political party than what is listed on the index.
    • Voter is required to provide ID but is unable to do so.


    Many times, a voter is not found on the list because the voter is in the wrong location.  Always check the back cover of your County Voter Information Guide for the correct polling place.  You may also look up your polling place location on this website by clicking here .


    Approximately 30 days after the Election, Provisional voters may call the number listed on their Provisional Ballot Receipt to find out if their ballot was counted, and if not, why not.


    For more information on Provisional Voting, contact the Elections Division at 559-675-7720 or toll free at 800-435-0509.