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  • Facts for New Citizens

    Facts for New Citizens

    After the naturalization swearing-in ceremony, you may complete the registration-by-mail form provided and mail it to the Elections Division. The voter registration form must be postmarked by the 15th day before the election. You will receive a notice of your eligibility to vote within a few weeks after your registration is processed. You may obtain additional registration forms and general information about elections by calling the Elections Division at (559) 675-7720 or (800)-435-0509.

    IMPORTANT: if you become a citizen after the close of registration, you may register and vote at the Elections Division between the 14th day before the election through Election Day by the close of polls at 8:00 p.m. New citizens must present a Certificate of Naturalization dated after the close of registration. The Elections Division is located at 200 W. 4th Street, Madera California, 93637.

    California law permits you to register with a political party or to decline to state a political party. For each election in which you are eligible to vote, you will be sent a sample ballot. The sample ballot contains information on the candidates and measures to be voted on in the election. It is recommended that you mark the sample ballot and take it to the polls to use as a reference when voting. Madera County also provides voting instructions (posted) to each polling place.

    On election day the polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. The address of the polling place will be printed on the sample ballot. If you need further information or directions to the polling place on election day, please call the Elections Division at (559) 675-7720 or (800)-435-0509. See section on Polling Place information.

    For information on how to request an Vote By Mail ballot or to apply for Permanent Vote By Mail Status, see Vote By Mail Information.

    If you would like to serve at the polls on election day, do either of the following:

    • Call the Elections Division at (559) 675-7720 or (800)-435-0509
    • Write to the Elections Division at 209 West Yosemite Avenue, Madera CA 93637
    • See section Interested in Serving at the Polls and download application, then mail it in.