Remote Accessible Vote by Mail System (RAVBM)

Remote Accessible Vote by Mail System (RAVBM)

Under Assembly Bill 37 (2021), all registered voters may now use a Remote Accessible Vote-by-Mail (RAVBM) system.

Voters may access, read, and mark a ballot in a screen-readable format from any computer with internet access and a printer, using their own adaptive technologies, if needed. To ensure the privacy of each voter’s selections, the RAVBM system does not store or transmit the voter’s choices on the computer or over the internet. The marked ballots must be printed by the voter and returned like any other vote-by-mail ballot.

This is not “internet voting.” The voter’s selections are neither transmitted nor saved to the computer, all voters in Madera County vote on a paper ballot.

County-issued vote-by-mail ballot return identification envelopes have two holes, which voters with visual impairments can use as a signature guide to sign in the proper place on the envelope. The download packet on the RAVBM system has information about returning the ballot if the return identification envelope is not available.

Voters may request access to the RAVBM system by contacting the Madera County Elections Office via email at [email protected], or call (559) 675-7720, toll free at (800) 435-0509, or fax (559) 675-7870. The voter will be sent a direct link to the RAVBM system via email.

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