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    Information on Voting by Mail

    Vote by Mail

    If you are registered to vote, you may apply for a Vote by Mail ballot by using any of these methods:

    1. Completing an Application from one of the following sources:

    2. Sending a written request for a Vote By Mail ballot to the Elections Division which includes:

    • The election for which you are requesting a ballot
    • Your name
    • Your residence address in Madera County
    • The address to which you would like your ballot mailed (if different from residence)
    • Your Signature

    3. Applying in person at the Elections Division:

    • Complete written application and receive Vote by Mail ballot immediately.

    4. Apply by phone:

    • Call the Elections Division at 559-675-7720 or call toll free 800-435-0509

    Voters may now apply for a Vote-by-Mail ballot by phone. Applicants must provide personal identifying information that matches their voter record. The law prohibits a person from applying for a Vote-by-Mail ballot using the name of, or on behalf of, another person. All voters applying for a Vote-by-Mail ballot shall be advised as follows: “Only the registered voter himself/herself may apply for a Vote-by-Mail ballot. An application for a Vote-by-Mail ballot that is made by any person other than the registered voter is a criminal offense.”


    Regardless of how you apply, you may request a Vote by Mail ballot as early as 29 days prior to an election. If your written request or application is received prior to 29 days before the election, it will be held until the 29th day. The last date for requesting a Vote By Mail ballot by mail is 7 days prior to an election, after which time, Vote By Mail ballots are available only by applying in person at the Elections Division, or by sending a representative, authorized by you in writing, to the Elections Division to pick up your ballot for you.


    In Madera County, you may vote your Vote by Mail ballot with either a #2 lead pencil or a ball point pen (black or blue ink) only. Do not use red ink pens, Sharpies or markers of any other kind. After voting your ballot, place the ballot card(s) into the blue secrecy envelope provided and then into the Identification envelope.


    Returning Your Ballot

    • In Person – Any day before the election you may deliver your ballot to the County Clerk’s office.
      • Where:  200 4th Street, Madera, California
      • When:  Between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.


    • Saturday Voting and Ballot Drop-Off  – locations will be listed if sites are available prior to upcoming elections.


    • On Election Day – You may return your voted ballot to the County Clerk’s Office or to any polling place in Madera County between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.


    • Unable to Return Your Own Ballot – If you are unable to return your voted ballot personally, you may authorize anyone to return it for you.


    • Deadline for Ballot Return – Ballots must be postmarked on or before Election Day and received within three days of the Election to be considered timely.


    IMPORTANT! You must sign where indicated on the Blue Identification Envelope or your ballot will not be counted!


    What happens if you forget to sign your ballot?

    If you forgot to sign your ballot you will receive a notice from us.  That notice will contain an “Unsigned Ballot Statement”.

    • Complete the Unsigned Ballot Statement and return it to us by no later than the deadline shown on the letter.
    • If your Unsigned Ballot Statement is received by the deadline, and your signature matches, we will be able to count your ballot.


    If you misplaced the Unsigned Ballot Statement sent to you, you can download a copy here (will appear for current election only).