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  • General Information about Elections and Voting

    If you are registered to vote, you will be mailed a Vote by Mail Ballot and a County Voter Information Guide approximately 29 days prior to an election. If you do not receive your Official Ballot and County Voter Information Guide by at least a 20 days prior to an election, call the Elections Division at (559) 675-7720 or (800)-435-0509.


    It is important that your voter registration reflect both your current residence address and mailing address, if different than your residence. Because Voter Information Guides reflect the candidates and issues for the area in which you reside, they are not forwardable.  If you have moved within Madera County since you last voted and did not re-register, you should call the Elections Division to determine your status.

    The County Voter Information Guide materials include:

    • The date of the election
    • Information about candidates and measures
    • The location of vote centers and ballot drop boxes
    • A postcard to request a ballot in an alternate language




    If you need assistance marking your official ballot, a vote center clerk can provide assistance, or you may have up to two people of your choice to assist you; however, you may not be assisted by your employer, union representative, nor an agent of your employer or union representative.

    Madera County also has a Remote Accessible Vote by Mail Ballot system that can be utilized by all Madera County voters, designed specifically for voters with disabilities and/or Military/Overseas voters.  This system sends you a link via email that you can use to download your ballot package and mark your ballot.  It is compatible with the document reader software you have on your own computer.  All you need is a printer.  Use the RAVBM system to mark your ballot for you, print it and send it in.  It’s that simple.

    To use this system, look for the postage paid postcard inside your ballot packet that is mailed to you.  Return the card, or call our office to get your email link!



    Where to Vote

    Vote Center and Ballot Dropbox locations will be listed in your County Voter Information Guide and can be found on this website on the “Current Election” page and the “Voter’s Choice Act” page.


    Two Vote Centers will open for up to 11 days prior to and including Election Day giving our voters more days, including two weekends, to cast their ballots.


    Seven Vote Centers will be open for the last 4 days prior to and including Election Day, providing our voters with additional locations to choose from.


    As always, voters may also obtain a ballot from the County Clerk-Elections Division.



    Violations can lead to fines and/or imprisonment. 
    For additional information on the prohibitions of electioneering, click the links below.

    Electioneering Prohibitions – 2022 (English/Inglés)
    Electioneering Prohibitions – 2022 (Spanish/Español)



    Violations subject to fine and/or imprisonment.
    For additional information on what constitutes corruption of the voting process, click the links below.

    Corruption of Voting Process – 2022 (English/Inglés)
    Corruption of Voting Process – 2022 (Spanish/Español)



    Political Parties

    There are six Qualified Political Parties in California.  To learn more about each political party and their Statement of Purpose, visit