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  • Information on Voting by Mail

    Vote by Mail



    Voting has been Improved in Madera County!

    Watch our video about Voting in Madera County.

    All registered voters in Madera County will automatically receive a ballot by mail for all elections in which you are eligible to vote.

    This is because Madera County has implemented the Voter’s Choice Act.
    Under the Voter’s Choice Act, you choose when, where, and how you vote.

    You will have 3 ways to vote:

    • Mail your ballot
    • Drop off your ballot at a secure Ballot Drop Box
    • Visit any Vote Center to drop off your ballot or vote in person.

    Polling places are no longer used.  They have been replaced with Vote Centers.

    At a Vote Center you can:

    • Vote in person
    • Drop off your completed ballot or get a replacement ballot
    • Vote using an accessible voting tablet
    • Get help and voting materials in multiple languages

    When are Vote Centers Open?

    • At least 2 Vote Centers will be open for  up to 11 days prior to Election Day *
    • All Madera County Vote Centers will be open for the last 4 days prior to Election Day *

    *The number of Vote Centers operating is dependent upon what type of election is being conducted.


    Track your Ballot

    Madera County is participating in BallotTrax.
    Once you sign up for this free service, you will receive information about your Vote by Mail Ballot.


    Sign up for Where's my Ballot?







    You can receive notice by email, text or by phone.

    Click here to sign up for Where’s My Ballot



    Important Information about returning your ballot:

    • Unable to Return Your Own Ballot 
      • If you are unable to return your voted ballot personally, you may authorize anyone to return it for you.
    • Deadline for Ballot Return
      • Ballots must be postmarked on or before Election Day and received within seven (7) days of the Election to be considered timely.


    Signing your Ballot:

    • You must sign where indicated on the Blue Identification Envelope or your ballot will not be counted!


    What happens if you forget to sign your ballot?

    If you forgot to sign your ballot you will receive a notice from us.
    That notice will contain an “Unsigned Ballot Statement”.

    • Complete the Unsigned Ballot Statement and return it to us by no later than the deadline shown on the letter.
    • If your Unsigned Ballot Statement is received by the deadline, and your signature compares, we will be able to count your ballot.


    If you misplaced the Unsigned Ballot Statement sent to you, you can download a copy here.


    Unsigned Ballot Statement – November 8, 2022 / Declaración de boleta sin firmar – 8 de noviembre de 2022


    What happens if your signature does not compare to your voter registration affidavit?

    If upon review of your ballot, it is determined that the signature on the ballot envelope does not compare to the signature on your voter registration form, you will be sent a notice.  In order to count your ballot, you will need to complete the form sent to you and return it by the deadline indicated in the letter.  If you misplace that notice, you can download a copy here.


    Signature Verification Statement – November 8, 2022 / Declaración de verificación de firma – 8 de noviembre de 2022




    If you need to get information regarding how to vote using our Remote Accessible Vote by Mail Ballot (RAVBM), click here.